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Cost Savings of Outsourcing Shredding

Outsourced Paper Shredding is More Cost Effective Than In-House Shredding

It is very expensive to have your own employees shred paper with portable office shredders. If your people are shredding for as little as a combined two hours PER MONTH, it is likely that hiring a professional document destruction company will be a less expensive alternative and with a much higher level of security.

If you are shredding less than two hours per month, you may want to consider storing the paper and having the paper shredded once per year by a professional document destruction company.

These are internal costs you don't have if you outsource your shredding:

  • Payroll cost for time spent feeding the office shredding machine
  • Cost of acquiring and maintaining office shredder
  • Time spent removing paper clips and staples 
  • Extra cleanup time because of the dust the shredder generates
  • Cost of disposing of extra volume of paper once shredded

Direct Cost of Shredding Internally

If your shredder takes 15 sheets per minute to shred, which is a common volume, it will take two hours or more to shred a bankers box of material.  If the person doing the shredding makes as little as $8 per hour plus 25% for taxes and benefits, that means the direct cost of internally shredding a bankers boxes of 2,000 pages is $22.22. Next you add in the cost of the in-house shredder, disposal of bags of paper, dust clean up and disruptions from noise. If your volume is this amount or more, then you are better off using a professional, bonded document destruction company.

Typical Requests For Services

I have approximately 4-6 small boxes and 4-6 large boxes (boxes are the regular, cardboard files boxes, letter and legal size). Paper, some personal/residential paper and a few business files. I would ideally like to see them shredded.
We need to purge paper files in our document room
one time shredding at my residence Approximately 10 boxes to be shred
I have about 12-14 Banker boxes that need to be destroyed. Looking for someone to come to my residence to perform task. The sooner the better.
I have less than 10 bankers boxes of documents to shred. Can you please tell you your cost? Email is the best way to reply to me. Thank you.